Semalt: An Interactive Tool To Scrape Images

A web scraping software is also known as data extraction tool. It is used to collect data from different sites and transform it into a readable and scalable form. There are a large number of data scraping tools on the Internet., Kimono Labs, and ParseHub are three main programs that are suitable for enterprises, coders, freelancers, journalists and digital marketers. However, Octoparse is far better than ParseHub, and Kimono Labs. It is a relatively new software with lots of features and interactive options.

A tool to scrape images:

Unlike other web scraping software, Octoparse scrapes images, PDF files and HTML documents with ease. You can regularly use this service to extract data from the PNG and JPG files and convert it to text or another format easily.

Point-and-click interface:, Kimono Labs, and ParseHub have a user-friendly interface, but Octoparse is best known for its point-and-click interface. It means you can use this tool to extract data without any programming skills and can scrape as many web documents as you want. A large number of data scraping tools are available on the Internet, but most of them cannot deal with AJAX and JavaScript pages. Amazingly, Octoparse can scrape data from sites with JavaScript, AJAX, cookies, pop-ups, and redirects. It navigates through different web pages and scrapes useful information for you with just a few clicks.

Complete spam protection:

Octoparse provides cloud services and interactive APIs to ease your work. In addition, this tool provides complete spam protection and does not share your scraped data with anyone. You can use Octoparse to schedule your web scraping tasks and can perform multiple data extraction projects at a time. On an average, you can scrape data from 100 pages in a second and save all the extracted data to your hard drive instantly.

Target dynamic websites:

One of the major differences between Octoparse and other scraping services is that Octoparse collects and scrapes data of dynamic sites. It totally mimics the human behavior when browsing a dynamic website. You can use Octoparse to scrape data from complex pages and can get readable and scalable results. You just have to select an option from its drop-down menu and enter the keywords you want to target. Octoparse will scrape data without disturbing the position of your keywords and will help improve your site's search engine rankings.

Advanced features of Octoparse:

Amazingly, Octoparse allows you to scrape data from HTML documents and PDF files. On the other hand, ParseHub, and Kimono Labs cannot properly extract HTML text and cannot customize the values for further extraction. Octoparse is an advanced tool that modifies the regular expressions and XPaths and eases your work. You don't need to learn any programming language. You just have to download and install Octoparse on your computer and allow this tool to handle your data scraping projects.

Besides, Octoparse is able to extract images, and audio and video files. You just have to highlight the data you want to scrape and let Octoparse handle the rest. It ensures the provision of quality results at a fast speed.